Find out more about Leipzig as an attractive and sustainable location for all kinds of capital investments
July 08, 2024Leipzig as an attractive location for capital investments
Find out more about Leipzig as an attractive and sustainable location for all kinds of capital investments

Why an investment?

Anyone looking to the future and thinking about their retirement will hardly be able to avoid thinking about private pension provision. Whether company pension schemes, savings plans, insurance, equity funds or real estate – very few people can enjoy a carefree retirement on the state pension alone. This is why more and more people are using real estate as a sustainable investment. But where should you invest?

Leipzig as a location for capital investments

Leipzig is an ideal place to invest for several reasons. Here are some of the most important aspects:

Economic growth

Leipzig has been experiencing dynamic economic growth for years. The city has developed into an important business location in Germany, resulting in a constant demand for workers.

Population growth

Since reunification, the city has seen a significant increase in population. This population growth increases the demand for real estate and ensures stable rental prices and increases in value.

Real estate market

The real estate market in Leipzig has grown strongly in recent years, but still remains relatively affordable in comparison. This offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate at moderate prices.

Infrastructure and quality of life

Leipzig has an excellent infrastructure with a well-developed public transportation system, numerous educational institutions and a wide range of cultural offerings.

Science and education

Leipzig is an important center for education and research with renowned institutions such as the University of Leipzig. This attracts students, scientists and specialists.

Expert interview with Christoph MichlerTeamlead Sales Leipzig

In an interview with Christoph Michler, you can find out first-hand what developments Leipzig has in store.

1. What factors do you think make Leipzig an attractive location for capital investment? Especially for people from big cities like Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart?
Leipzig is an incredibly liveable city, with cosmopolitan and friendly inhabitants. You can study almost any subject at Leipzig’s colleges and university, rents are affordable and the density of cafés is very high. All this makes Leipzig a very young city, but also a city that is constantly growing. Apartment hunters are spoiled for choice between beautiful old buildings and state-of-the-art new-build projects. In addition, Leipzig is comparatively cheap compared to the seven largest German cities in terms of the price per square meter for condominiums. This makes Leipzig very exciting, especially for investors from other major German cities.

2. What trends or developments do you currently see on the Leipzig real estate market that potential buyers should take into account?
A general trend is that rents will continue to rise due to the city’s attractiveness – but generally remain at a reasonable level. Leipzig also has a good economic dynamic – in recent years, relevant employers from a wide range of sectors have settled here. However, there are also exciting urban development projects – such as the Parkbogen Ost, or PABO for short.

3. What kind of properties are currently in particularly high demand in Leipzig, and why?
We are currently experiencing high demand for our old building projects in Südvorstadt, Plagwitz, Gohlis and Reudnitz. However, new-build properties with a high level of energy efficiency are also in particularly high demand. In the case of older properties, a high level of refurbishment is very popular. In other words, apartments that are ready for immediate occupancy and have the typical attributes of older buildings.

4. What are the advantages of investing in real estate in Leipzig compared to other German cities?
When buying real estate in Leipzig, prospective buyers get a lot of property for their money in one of Germany’s most liveable cities.

5. What tips would you give to potential investors who are considering investing in the Leipzig real estate market, aespecially in terms of districts and property type?
Before buying, I always recommend spending a weekend in Leipzig and getting to know the different districts. You should also consider lesser-known districts such as Kleinzschocher or Mockau, which offer a lot of development potential. New-build properties with a 5% depreciation option are currently particularly attractive for investors.

Have we aroused your interest in Leipzig?

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und klicken Sie sich durch unsere Leipziger Projekte:

Mona4 apartments
Leipzig, Mockau
66.7 3 rooms3rd floor
Balcony / TerraceCellar
65.6 3 rooms2nd floor
Balcony / TerraceCellar
54.2 2 rooms4th floor
Mona | Titelbild
VIVE LA VIE3 apartments
Leipzig, Gohlis
72.6 2 rooms4th floor
Balcony / TerraceCellar
102.9 3 rooms2nd floor
108.6 4 rooms2nd floor
Balcony / TerraceCellar
VIVE LA VIE | Titelbild
AM WÄLDCHEN13 apartments
Leipzig, Stötteritz
129 5 rooms2nd floor
LiftBalcony / Terrace
79.4 3 rooms
LiftBalcony / Terrace
129 5 rooms3rd floor
LiftBalcony / Terrace
AM WÄLDCHEN | Titelbild
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