Leipzig as an attractive location for capital investments


Find out from a real estate expert why Leipzig is a first-class location for capital investments. Read our exclusive interview and discover growth opportunities, real estate markets and investment possibilities.

Find out more about Leipzig as an attractive and sustainable location for all kinds of capital investments

Berlin’s new trendy district of Oberschöneweide

Overview of the Spree in Oberschöneweide

It’s not just the Spree that runs upstream here: the former industrial location of Oberschöneweide …

5% depreciation possible through declining balance depreciation

Benefit from the declining balance depreciation when buying a property and save money!

Lucrative rays of hope on the new-build horizon: with the Federal Council’s approval of the so-call…

City or country: Where is it better to live?

Vergleich zwischen Stadt- und Landleben

Opinions differ on the question of whether it is better to live in the city or in the country. There are …

Real estate transfer tax: Saxony plans drastic increase

Person calculates real estate transfer tax with a calculator and notes it down

In June 2022, an increase in the land transfer tax for the federal state of Saxony was decided as part of…

Selling a property within the family: What needs to be considered


Selling real estate within the family can have various advantages and is considered an interesting alternative to bequeathing or giving away the property. For example, if the gift allowance has already been exhausted, it is possible to sell the apart…

Property is sold within the family

Settling your estate: How to transfer your land, apartment and house

Gespräch zwischen 2 Personen zum Thema "Immobilien Überschreibung und Schenkung"

Transferring an apartment or house can be a sensible alternative to inheritance. This gives owners the op…

Real estate management: Definition, rights and obligations

Person with miniature house made of paper next to coins and a calculator

Real estate and its use require a high level of administration. There are various management models for t…

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