Subletting: What tenants and landlords should bear in mind


If tenants wish to sublet part of the property they live in, they must obtain the landlord’s permission. Whether the landlord actually has to agree to the subletting depends on various aspects. However, if the subletting takes place without the landlord’s permission, there are a number o…

Consultation between 2 people on the subject of subletting

Lease contract explained simply: Obligations and differences to renting

Lease agreement heading with simultaneous handover of keys

If a property is contractually transferred to another party for the purpose of economic use, this is refe…

Where is the better place to live - Berlin or Leipzig?

City comparison: Berlin against Leipzig

In the search for a city where people feel comfortable and which meets their expectations of a high quali…

Buying an apartment in need of renovation: Risk or bargain?

Apartment in need of renovation

Buying a house in need of renovation, carrying out the necessary work yourself and thus saving money R…

Reserves for maintenance of condominiums

Maintenance of an owner-occupied apartment

To maintain a property in the long term, regular maintenance measures such as renovations and repairs are…

Interesting facts about the confirmation of freedom from rent arrears


A certificate of freedom from rent arrears confirms that a tenant has a reliable and punctual payment history with regard to rent. Landlords are not legally obliged to issue such a certificate. However, it can be very important for a tenant, as it si…

Person informs himself about the freedom from rent debt

Homeowners' meeting: how to be perfectly prepared

Empty hall ahead of upcoming condominium owners' meeting

If a residential property has several owners, they may only make decisions about it jointly. Decisions ma…

Valid reason for personal use? What landlords need to consider

Person packs moving box due to termination of personal use

Landlords have the option of terminating a tenancy agreement and registering personal use for themselves,…

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